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I am very grateful for "The Guru Next Door" and the opportunity to learn more about the Option Method and its creator. It inspired me to do all I can …

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Explore your potential for genuine happiness with The Option Method. Join us in interactive life-changing workshops that will change the way you think about happiness and unhappiness forever.   Learn the fundamentals of this powerful tool for happiness that you can use to live the life you love. 

The ExploreOption Program introduces the fundamental principles and practice of The Option Method.  The content is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of The Option Method and its application through lecture, discussion, exercises and live demonstrations. Participation is encouraged and supported. The purpose of the program is to prepare you to experience the core practice of The Option Method, The O.M.Dialogue. One introductory O.M.Dialogue is included in the tuition. 

In order to make the program as accessible as possible, we offer the following training opportunities, each progressively more in-depth --

ExploreOption Introductory Workshops/Teleclasses  – Online and in-person events designed to provide an overview of The Option Method and The Center’s programs. Typicially sixty to ninety minutes in duration.

ExploreOption Teleclasses - 3-hour  teleconferences for a total of 6 hours.  Followed by a private O.M.Dialogue for each participant scheduled at your convenience. 

ExploreOption Community Workshops – One-day Community Workshops. Followed by a private O.M.Dialogue scheduled at your convenience.

ExploreOption Weekend Immersions - Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Followed by a private O.M.Dialogue scheduled at your convenience.

These workshops are open to everyone and there are no prerequisites. We highly recommend participating in either a teleclass or community workshop to prepare for the ExperienceOption phase of our training program. At a minimum, join us for an introductory lecture or teleconference and enjoy the materials presented right here on our site. ExploreOption Weekend Intensives are a required course for anyone pursuing Option Method teacher registration.

After my own writings, I turn to Frank Mosca’s works as the best description of the Option Method.

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Compassion is the bottom line in The Option Method. That’s the absolute requirement and if you…

Compassion is the bottom line in The Option Method. That’s the absolute requirement and if you ever want to learn to do it for yourself, you’ve got to be at least as nice to you as you would be to others. You’ve got to know when you’re ready to deal with something and when you’re not. And you’ve got to know when you don’t want to question your unhappiness and when you’d be glad to. When you get unhappy enough you’ll be glad to.

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