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You likely won’t be surprised to hear that reading [Bruce’s book] was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I go through 30 pages the f…

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Special Packages.

We offer a series of special packages to aid you through every stage of your journey. Feel free to get in touch with us at 888-912-0065 or 973-714-2800 or discoveroption@aol.com to know more about these packages.  


Make a commitment to your dialogue practice with our most economical package. Sign up for twelve dialogues in advance and pay for ten. Includes free download of “Bruce Di Marsico Presents the Option Method.”

Dialogue Intensive: $1,250



Experience Option Method NetTogethers are 90-minute open colloquiums for those who

  • are actively doing, or have recently done Option Method dialogues with our teachers

 • are currently enrolled in one of our programs

 • are familiar with The Option Method through readings or participation in online or in-person events

NetTogethers are hosted by one of our Option Method Master Teachers  and provide an opportunity for open discussion about The Option  Method, demonstration of The Option Method with our Teachers and an opportunity for you to practice it with others.

Sharing with others is a powerful learning tool. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with others and be a part of an exploration of happiness with your own peer group. 



Challenge yourself to let go of self-limiting beliefs and move on  to a happier life. The Personal Transformation Challenge is a  short-term goal-oriented personalized package. It is designed to  help you identify and work through your self-created obstacles to happiness in one area of your life.

Focusing on one area at a time enhances your ability to fully understand the connection between your beliefs and feelings. Experience how establishing and following through on simple happiness goals inspires confidence and clarity in your quest for emotional well-being, personal satisfaction and love of all facets of your life.

Challenges may be in any area of your life, such as work, relationships, health, leisure of personal growth. Your questions such as, “how can I stop being angry?” or “how do I deal with a negative diagnosis about my health”, could be focused upon.

 You will work directly with Option Method Master Teacher Wendy Dolber to:

  • identify one specific area of your life where you would like to challenge yourself to be happier,
  • demystify your unhappiness through a guided inquiry to its root cause in your beliefs,
  • defuse  the power of yesterday's beliefs to affect today's happiness.

Each Challenge package includes

  • Bruce Di Marsico Presents The Option Method CD,
  • One-hour starting point progress consultation to help you clearly identify your Challenge goals,
  • Four one-hour O.M. Dialogues devoted to your Challenge,
  • One-hour end-point progress consultation to review your progress and determine next steps.

This package also extends to offering you 20% off on all additional services, packages and merchandise.

Tuition: $375

I recently completed what I thought was going to be another fabulous dialogue. I was right. It was much more though. Have you ever been with someone t…

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People become unhappy by choice, belief, or judgment. They make a choice of what they’re going…

People become unhappy by choice, belief, or judgment. They make a choice of what they’re going to believe. If they choose to believe it is good, they will feel good. If they choose to believe it is bad, they feel bad. Why am I using the word “choice”? It’s the only thing in life that you can absolutely be sure is not happening to you.

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