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I know I will keep using this method probably for a long time to come, if not forever! I am indebted to Bruce as well as you Deborah, for continuing t…

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The Myth of Unhappiness: The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico, Volumes 1-3

[ by Bruce Di Marsico ] [ $49.95 ]
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The Myth of Unhappiness Volumes 1 - 3 captures the essence of this groundbreaking self-help tool in the words of its creator, Bruce M. Di Marsico (1942-1995). Bruce Di Marsico left behind a rich legacy of his voluminous writings on the nature of happiness and unhappiness and his blueprint for achieving happiness through The Option Method. Until now, these writings were available only to those closest to him. Subtitled The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on The Option Method and Attitude, this three-volume set invites the reader on a compassionate but no-nonsense journey that “takes unhappiness from that vague cloud of confusion and that which just happens to you and brings it down to the real dynamics that cause your emotions . . . your beliefs and your judgments.” - Bruce Di Marsico. Lovingly compiled by Di Marsico’s widow, Deborah Mendel, with edits and commentary by Aryeh Nielsen, Option Method scholar, foreword by Frank Mosca (author, Joywords),contributions by Wendy Dolber (author, The Guru Next Door, A Teacher’s Legacy), veteran teachers trained by Di Marsico. Vol. 1 topics: An Overview of The Option Method; Happiness; Unhappiness Vol. 2 topics: Feelings, Beliefs, and Desires; Emotions; Motivation; Wanting, Doing, and Knowing; Relationships;Believing Yourself; Forms of Unhappiness; Arguments against Happiness Vol. 3 topics: Behavior; Myths; Happiness without Reason; Enjoying Your Happiness; Option Mysticism; Practicing The Option Method; Stories and Meditations; A Comprehensive Overview


It just so happens that when people realize they have a choice in their emotions, it makes a differe…

It just so happens that when people realize they have a choice in their emotions, it makes a difference to them. People know they don’t want to be unhappy when they don’t believe it is necessary.

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