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If you have ever asked yourself what is the secret of life, or why am I here, or what does this all mean; if you have ever wondered whether there is s…

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+ How to expand your consciousness without even trying.

[ Posted on 09.23.2018 ]

When I think about expanding consciousness, which has been our focus for this month, I realize it’s a wide open multi-leveled subject that can mean many different things. My focus, as always, has been on happiness. What’s the point of expanding consciousness if it doesn’t result in more happiness and less emotional suffering?  In my experience, as we deal with our unhappiness in all its forms and let go of the clockwork mechanism of unhappy thinking, our minds are free to roam the universe. Happiness is an experience of the expansion and evolution of consciousness and that is completely within the realm of what we humans are capable of. We don’t need special credentials or any permission. Within each of us are the makings of that mystic, that sage, that empath, that realized being, that guru, that enlightened being residing right alongside the makings of that person who gets pissed…

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+ Leaving embarrassment behind

[ Posted on 04.20.2016 ]

It all started with severe gastro pain. Maybe it will go away away, I told myself when I got up at 6 am. I really wanted to be in the office. By noon, I was still in pain. Eating wasn’t too attractive so I just drank a lot of water and hoped for the best. By 2 pm or so, I had the bright idea to take a couple of extra strength acetaminophen (never do this on an empty stomach!). I got on a conference call and after a few minutes, I knew I was going to faint. Uh oh. I have fainted before so I know it usually works out okay, but this time I was concerned about the gastro pain, so I decided not to go it alone. I called out for help, knowing full well that I was opening the door to a lot of attention. And,boy,…

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If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be h…

If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be happy now or can stop being unhappy now, use The Option Method to feel better.

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