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After my own writings, I turn to Frank Mosca’s works as the best description of the Option Method.

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Take a walk

+ Take a walk

[ Posted on 01.16.2019 ]

Don’t be alone if you don’t want to be.
Go outside and take a walk.
Make eye contact with everyone you meet.
You may find that most people won’t see you.
See them.
When they do see you, smile.
They may smile back. They may not smile back.
Be at peace with whatever happens.
If words come to your lips, say them.
Good morning.
What a cute puppy.
What a gorgeous day.
If they respond or not, be at peace.
Walk with open eyes and heart.
Allow yourself to connect with everyone and every thing.
Now see everyone as a ball of light; a perfect expression of nature.
Watch what happens!

Namaste (the light in me reflects the light in you). forkInRoad_011

Your life as a happy person is the only life you truly want.

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