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One of the most powerful and transformative methods I have learned is The Option Method, created by Bruce Di Marsico. His work is very thought-provoki…

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Embrace your commitment to freedom from unhappiness as part of the Option Method Community.

Our community consists of individuals who wish to participate with others in further study and practice of The Option Method after completion of the ExploreOption and ExperienceOption phase of the training. Now that you have honed your own personal practice of The Option Method, embrace your role as a teacher by learning to work with others on a personal and/or professional level. 

The EmbraceOption Program offers participants an opportunity to learn the O.M.Dialogue in working with others. You decide who the others are that you want to work with. For example, perhaps you want to be able to do dialogues on a personal level with a particular friend, family member or colleague. Or, perhaps you are interested in being a professional Option Method teacher and become a candidate for our Option Method Teacher Registry. In either case, you are responsible for arranging your own dialogues with the person of your choice. If possible, we will pair you up with a student who has requested O.M.Dialogues through The Center, or a volunteer who is willing to work with a trainee.  

Each participant works with an Option Method Teacher, who reviews your dialogue work with others through O.M.Dialogue Reviews. You will receive a verbal and written evaluation of your work.

The dialogue reviews are augmented with EmbraceOption workshops as well as EmbraceOption Skillbuilding teleclasses on the philosophy and practice of The Option Method. Join others at this phase of the training at our monthly EmbraceOption NetTogethers, an online colloquium for participants who have reached this phase of the training.

Progress and Coaching Consultations are available for setting goals, ongoing planning and periodic evaluations. We start by working with you to set your personal goals and determine how you plan to move through this phase of the training. You can use this plan, written and available online, to track your own progress. Or, continue to work with us to evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed. Candidates for membership in the Center's Option Method Teacher Registry are required to work with a progress and coaching consultant. 

Recommended Prerequisites: Before working with others, it is essential to have a firm foundation in the principles and practice of The Option Method, as well as in-depth experience in The O.M.Dialogue, working with a teacher. Therefore, we recommend taking advantage of an ExploreOption one-day or weekend event and meeting the requirements of the ExperienceOption Practicum for Self Discovery.  Candidates for the Option Method Teacher Registry must meet program requisites as listed below under "Option Method Teacher Registry". 

Individuals may participate FreeStyle or through the Embrace Option practicums. The EmbraceOption: Practicum for Partner Work and The EmbraceOption: Practicum for Client Work each include a prescribed number of  O.M.Dialogue Reviews, EmbraceOption skillbuilding teleclasses, NetTogethers and Progress and Coaching Consultations. We consider these to be minimums. The practicums start with a progress and coaching consultation to set your goals and map out the progress plan for the practicum. Then, weekly O.M.Dialogue Reviews with your teacher, by phone, internet or in person.   Additional O.M.Dialogue Reviews can be scheduled with your teacher, if needed. 

Pricing Chart

Option Method Teacher Registry

The Option Method Teacher Registry. The Registry is a listing of Option Method teachers and master teachers who have successfully met the qualifications for membership in the Registry upfront and on an annual basis .   The Option Method Teacher designation is for those who have been trained to carry out O.M.Dialogues  and O.M.Dialogue Reviews.  The Option Method Master Teacher designation is for Option Method Teachers trained directly by Bruce Di Marsico with at least ten years of experience.  Participation in the Registry is The Center’s recognition of successful completion of a minimum of 225 hours of training including the following:

For The Option Method Teacher designation:

  • ExploreOption: Introductory  Weekend Immersion
  • ExperienceOption:  Practicum for Self-Discovery
  • EmbraceOption:  Practicum for Client Work
  • EmbraceOption: Perfect Your Skills Practice Colloquium
  • EmbraceOption:  Option Method Teacher pre-Registration Colloquium. 
  • Completion of a minimum of 40 hours of O.M.Dialogues and 20 hours of O.M. Dialogue Reviews (in addition to practicum requirements). 

All applicants for the Registry work directly with a Master Teacher sponsor who supports them through the program and approves their application for participation in the Registry.   Applications are only accepted after completion of the ExploreOption and ExperienceOption phases of training. 

If you are an Option Method practitioner, who has already been trained elsewhere,  we would be happy to consider a customized program.  Please call Wendy Dolber at 973-714-2800. 

For the Option Method Master Teacher designation --

The Option Method Master Teacher designation is currently available only to those who have studied extensively with Bruce Di Marsico, have been Option Method teachers for a minimum of ten years and have been leaders in the Option Method Community through their workshops, published works or training activities.

Obligation of Registry Membership

All members of the Option Method Teacher and Master Teacher Registry will be expected to sign The DSD Center for The Option Method pledge to indicate your intention to teach The Option Method in a professional manner which is consistent with the teachings and program guidelines here at The Center.

As part of initial and ongoing registry membership, all promotional and teaching materials are subject to review by the Registry Approval Committee.  

Option has been for me the single most important experience of my life. I have learned that what I dreamed of as a kid but never thought I would have.…

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Unhappiness is any form of believing that when we don’t get what we want, it means we are goin…

Unhappiness is any form of believing that when we don’t get what we want, it means we are going to feel a way we don’t want.

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