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I cannot adequately express my thanks for the perspective on life and on myself that Wendy Dolber has helped me awaken to during the past few months. …

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Supercharge Your Coaching Practice. Wednesday afternoons..

Supercharge Your Coaching Practice: Transform Emotional Roadblocks into Happy Productivity
[ Teleconference ]
[ 12 pm - 2 pm EST ]
[ online ]

For coaches, coaching students, trainers of coaches, including all coaching specialties. 

Eleven 2-hour weekly webinars: 

Wednesdays from Noon to 2 pm EST from April 1 to June 10, 2020

Webinar and self study hours eligible for 33 CCEUs (16 Core/17Resource) from the International Coach Federation.

The new ICF Core Competency model very wisely puts a great deal of emphasis on emotions - both in regulating one's own emotions as well as providing support for clients. From a holistic standpoint, nothing could be more important. In our webinar, we invite you to challenge your clients to let go of limiting beliefs and move on to a happier, more productive life. “Supercharge Your Coaching practice” is a goal-oriented program designed to help you work through your client’s self-created obstacles. This program provides a set of skills designed to enable you to assist your clients to fully understand the connection between their beliefs, feelings and actions. Experience the power of The Option Method and how it can accelerate your confidence and competence as a practicing coach.

In our 22 hour webinar and 11 hours of self study, you will learn to:


  •  Consistently anchor your coaching presence in a nonjudgmental, empowering attitude 
  •  Understand the 8 elements of a compassionate, empowering attitude

  •  Understand how our belief architecture influences emotions and actions
  •  Develop powerful questions specifically designed to effectively and efficiently resolve emotional issues
  •  Differentiate and respond to practical versus emotional problems
  •  Work with your clients to co-create a practice of recognizing and releasing unproductive beliefs
  •  Deepen your own emotional resilience and objectivity
  •  Identify and release your own limiting beliefs, and
  •  Become trigger proof in your life and your coaching practice 


Wendy Dolber, MA, ACC, ICF Mentor, Option Method Master Teacher, Belief Centered Coach, workshop leader, author, Reiki Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher,

Richard Hyams, PCC, Facilitator, Program Developer and Professional Coach, Facilitator Training Certificate with Geoffrey X Lane, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification as well as Certified Professional Solution Focused Coach.



"When someone has passion for their career, and in addition they have amazing knowledge, excellent abilities, and well-honed skills, the result is a professional that you want to know and engage. I have seen Wendy in action several times. Each time I can feel the depth of her faith and belief and the breadth of her inspired knowledge. Very simply - she cares. When you're looking for professional who provides service, it's essential that you engage someone who truly believes in their background, their process and the successes of their outcomes. Her commitment to her work is only a close second to her passion and her knowledge."


Laurel Bernstein, Laurel Bernstein & Associates

"Supercharge Your Coaching Practice" is a must have to elevate coaching skills to the next level of understanding and usefulness. I found it fun, friendly, and most importantly VALUABLE. Any questions get answered, you learn and do drills to make sure the learning lasts. The Powerpoints enlighten you and having ‘homework’ really kept the learning going for me. The group became people who I was glad to see and I miss our video chats. The best part about it was that you get time to learn from the BEST! Wendy lives option - she is a master teacher and happily shares her knowledge. Richard is enthusiastic and keen to impart his coaching knowledge. Just getting time with these people was remarkable. I definitely recommend this course."

Lisa F, UK


What Is the Purpose or Meaning of Life? Each person will answer this for himself or herself. How you…

What Is the Purpose or Meaning of Life? Each person will answer this for himself or herself. How you answer determines how you live. This life means your life. It does not have to be other than what it is. But since all want true happiness by whatever name, one could suppose that unless the decided purpose of your life is happiness, it would not seem to be a happy life unless you had what you wanted.

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