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'The Guru Next Door' is a well-written and riveting tale of self-discovery. It weaves a personal story of pain and learning with the greater teaching…

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How & Why.

Dialogues in Self Discovery Center for The Option Method is here to help you declare your emotional independence. The Option Method is a tool that you can learn to use whenever you feel sad, angry, or disappointed. Whenever you feel anxious, out of sorts or depressed. When your relationships aren’t working and you have lost your passion for life. When life seems overwhelming and your dreams seem out of reach. When you feel you have lost your way. When you are not comfortable in your own skin.   When you feel you are against yourself in some way. Whenever you just aren’t being the way you’d love to be. Or even when you’re feeling fine, but want to experience more joy, more excitement, more happiness. The Option Method can help you turn your life around. 

How is this possible? The Option Method is designed to get the root of any problem every time by recognizing that you have a choice in your own emotional state. That underneath all the unhappiness, whether it be the simplest annoyance or the most paralyzing fear, there is a tiny voice saying “I have to feel the way I feel. This is happening to me.” The Option Method helps you drill down through the mystery and confusion of unhappiness so you can hear what you are really saying to yourself. Then you can begin to question your unhappiness in a way that was never possible before.  

Our training programs are designed to help you master The Option Method for your own happiness and be a catalyst for change in working with others as an Option Method teacher. Here at The Center, we’ve created a building block approach to Option Method training designed to allow for varying levels of interest and participation whether you are testing the waters, ready to jump in, or totally immerse yourself.

Activities at The Center are divided into Workshops and Services. Workshops are presented online and in-person. Services include:

The O.M.Dialogue - Centerpiece of The Option Method, a one-hour conversation between student and teacher with the goal of answering the question: Why are you unhappy? 

O.M.Dialogue Review - Evaluations of student's ability to conduct The O.M.Dialogue with themselves and others. Includes teacher's review of O.M.Dialogue and discussion.

Skillbuilding Teleclasses - Twelve two-hour interactive teleclasses devoted to core Option Method principles designed to build skills in using the The Option Method for personal and/or professional use. Each class repeated twice a year.   

NetTogethers - Monthly two-hour colloquium for students and teachers to share experiences, ask questions, hear and participate in live demonstrations of The Option Method. 

Progress and Coaching Consultations -  One-on-one planning, progress, evaluation and coaching meetings between you and one of our Master Teachers to help guide you through training and achieve your goals.

All services may be purchased on the Payment and Pricing Options page. We offer FreeStyle (a la carte) pricing, as well as Practicums and Special Packages (combinations and blocks of services). To register for in-person and online workshops, go to the Events page. To make an appointment for O.M.Dialogues, O.M.Dialogue reviews and Progress and Coaching Consultations, call our toll-free number or go directly to our Staff pages. 

Our programs fit into a progression of three participation opportunities designed to promote what we believe is the most effective and efficient unfolding of The Method for your personal and professional needs.

STEP 1. ExploreOption at an introductory in person or online event. ExploreOption programs are  designed to provide an overview of The Option Method. They are an excellent starting point for those who would like to learn more about the purpose, applicability and practice of The Option Method.    

STEP 2. ExperienceOption with one of our Option Method Teachers through the O.M.Dialogue, the Option Method vehicle for self-discovery and personal development. At the same time, deepen your understanding of The Option Method through O.M.Skillbuilding teleclasses and ExperienceOption workshops. Progress to learning to do The Option Method on your own under the supervision of your teacher through O.M.Dialogue Reviews. Share your experiences and deepen your knowledge in our monthly NetTogethers. Participate FreeStyle or through ExperienceOption: Practicum for Self Discovery.

STEP 3. EmbraceOption as part of The Option Method community. Take the next step in the integration of The Option Method into your life by learning to work with others through our workshops and retreats. Participate FreeStyle in EmbraceOption services or through the EmbraceOption Practicum for Partner Work and/or the EmbraceOption Practicum for Client Work, which include O.M.Dialogue Reviews, O.M.Skillbuilding teleclasses and NetTogethers specifically designed for working with others. Meet the requirements for inclusion in The O.M. Teacher Registry so you can be recognized as a trained Option Method Teacher.

I was immediately stunned by the technique. It seems to not only meet all my ‘ideal’ criteria — simple, fast, elegant, respectful, easy, fun, an…

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People become unhappy by choice, belief, or judgment. They make a choice of what they’re going…

People become unhappy by choice, belief, or judgment. They make a choice of what they’re going to believe. If they choose to believe it is good, they will feel good. If they choose to believe it is bad, they feel bad. Why am I using the word “choice”? It’s the only thing in life that you can absolutely be sure is not happening to you.

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