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Doubts, Signs and Rituals

[ Feb 18, 2013 ] [ by Bruce M. Di Marsico ]

Doubts, Signs and Rituals
February 15, 1974

The heart, in its ever-seeking to manifest its perfection to itself, seeks
and makes occasions for affirmation of its goodness and perfection.
When we begin on the path of new life, we want to establish a firm hold
on our new beliefs in happiness.

While we are going through the period of fearing that we lack
justification and reasons for our selfish, unreasonable yearning for
perfect happiness (in the knowledge that we cannot “make” ourselves
unhappy) we find that we are confronting the inevitable fact that we are
totally good and perfect regardless of the so-called “evidence”.
This is the “hardest” and, of course, the only thing we ever faced. While
it would seem helpful to us to experience a miracle (that which is
awesome without reason) which would “prove” we were blessed and
good, it would not really help in that way. If you do not believe what
you already know, you would only fear that you grasped at the miracle
for proof, as if you didn’t know what you knew, and be even more

It is not as a sign of our knowing, nor as proof to us of our believing
what we already know, that we want miracles. If there are to be useful
miracles in our life, it is precisely because we don’t need them. It would
be a sign, not that we may indeed really believe what we already know,
but that we do indeed really believe what we already know.
If we know (without doubt) that we believe what we already know, then
a miracle will be a cause of joy and gladness, a gift precisely because it
was unneeded. If we experience a miracle while in doubt, besides
doubting the miracle, we will also resent it as an unwanted gift precisely
because it was needed. The bigger the miracle, the bigger each

If we know we are being blessed, and becoming blessed beings, we will
respond. The response is our sign to ourselves that we really believe
what we already know. I am doing what I am doing because I am glad
to be aware that I believe what I know.

If we do not respond with some sign that we recognize as an affirmation
of gratitude and joy, we may respond with some sign which will mean to
us whatever it is that we fear we believe in, in spite of what we know.
Our bodies can show us what we fear we believe, or they will show what
we know we believe. Peace or pain. A smile or a frown. Praise or
sarcasm. Generosity or envy.

The mind is of the body. The brain will present all kinds of lies to the
man who fears he is a liar, and present doubts to the doubter. This is the
heart’s way of leading itself to perfect happiness. For the person who
fears to externalize signs of affirmation, the mind will present
opportunities for internal affirmations.

If I fear to dance with joy, my mind will present me with the thoughts
that perhaps I am really sad and dour. This is a moment of fantastic,
beautiful temptation. It is our natural given opportunity to affirm what
we really believe.“I refuse to believe that I could be sad. I know that I have
nothing to be dour about. I really believe that I’m o.k.”

If we do not respond to these heart urgings in the mind truthfully, that is,
happily consistent with the truth we know, then the relentless love in our
heart will continually present these doubts until we acquiesce to what we
know. To the one who persistently refuses to believe, the thoughts will
seem like assaults, the movements in the body will seem like torture.
They are not attacks and assaults, but are the prompting questions of
love manifesting themselves so that finally we can accept the happiness
that we yearn so ardently for.

These so-called symptoms of unhappiness are not evidence of anything,
not one thing else other than refusing to believe what we know, namely
that we are blessed, happy, godly and perfectly o.k.

They could not happen except as a result of a miracle.

Your Self is continually trying to tell you that you are beautiful, happy
and have nothing to fear.

Bruce M. Di Marsico,  The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 1

When we want to feel a certain way, let us look closely. We will find that we have actually begun to…

When we want to feel a certain way, let us look closely. We will find that we have actually begun to feel that way. To decide is really to discover that what we want to feel we are beginning to feel. To decide means “Don’t decide for the past—the future is beginning."

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