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The Option Method has been the ultimate transformative experience in my life. My experience with Bruce Di Marsico changed my life and gave me the tool…

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  • Are you as grateful as you want to be be?

    Five ways to unleash your gratitude.

  • The Power of Forgiveness

    Nothing can take the place of true forgiveness and it is possible for all of us. Hear the moving story of how a concentration camp survivor was actually able to forgive her captors. If she can do it, perhaps you can too.

  • Mindfulness

    Can you describe mindfulness in 25 words or less? Here's our description. 

  • Do You Love What You're Good at?

    Do you know your top five strengths? When we know what we are good are, we are more apt to translate that into positive action in every aspect of our lives. When we love what we are good at, we are the most self-confident, creative and powerful.

  • We are all connected

    Whether you are a mother or a father or neither, we are all connected in the family of being. We can all be loving parents and innocent children. Share this video to spread the word.

  • A Child Explains The Option Method

    How can The Option Method help the parent-child relationship? Can children understand The Option Method dialogue and principles. Wendy Dolber talks to an 11-year child, who answers this question with clarity and understanding that will amaze you.

  • Do You Love Yourself?

    There is no real happiness without self-love. Lucky for us, we all come equipped from the factory with self-loving apparatus in place. And the warranty – well, that never expires.

  • Are you the best friend you can be?

    International Friendship Day is a wonderful opportunity to think about how you can be the best friend you ever dreamed of.

    Here are some helpful hints from Wendy Dolber.

  • How Can I Be Happier?

    Seven considerations to move you from angst to joy.

  • Are you happy?

    Don't waste another moment being unhappy. Rev up your new year with a fresh new perspective on your happiness.

  • Be inspired: The amazing musical talents of Derek Paravicini

    This story will make your heart sing and challenge your beliefs about people with physical and mental differences.  

  • Be inspired: Alix Generous and the inner life of autism

    "Alix Generous is a young woman with a million and one ideas — she's done award-winning science, helped develop new technology and tells a darn good joke (you'll see). She has Asperger's, a form of autistic spectrum disorder that can impair the basic social skills required for communication, and she's worked hard for years to learn how to share her thoughts with the world. In this funny, personal talk, she shares her story — and her vision for tools to help more people communicate their big ideas."  Ted.com

  • Frank Mosca Speaks About the Option Method

    Frank Mosca speaks about what The Option Method is and how it can "release you from the tangled web of beliefs in unhappiness into the sunshine of a life lived moment to moment in happiness and freedom."



  • Be Happy Now! pt. 3

  • Be happy now pt 4

  • be happy now pt 5

  • Be Happy Now! Part 1

    Are you happy? Hear about a life-changing new book that will set you on a path to lasting happiness. Based on the life and work of a beloved and inspirational teacher who created the Option Method, a powerful tool for personal growth and enlightenment.

To be happy, know that even though you cannot imagine your happiness in the future, you don’t …

To be happy, know that even though you cannot imagine your happiness in the future, you don’t have to be unhappy today.

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