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One of the most powerful and transformative methods I have learned is The Option Method, created by Bruce Di Marsico. His work is very thought-provoki…

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Wendy Dolber

[ Option Method Master Teacher ]
  Location: Montclair, New Jersey Phone: 973-714-2800

Wendy Dolber is the founder of Dialogues in Self Discovery and Director of The Option Method Center.  She is an Option Master Master Teacher, Belief Centered Life Coach, yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. Wendy has been an Option Method teacher for over forty years.  She met Bruce Di Marsico in 1971 at a New York City training institute for group therapy techniques. After completing the program, she went on to study with Bruce. It was the start of a relationship that was to last over twenty-five years, until his death in 1995. As a result of their extensive association, Wendy has an in-depth understanding of The Method and the man who created it. She is the author of The Guru Next Door, A Teacher’s Legacy, as well as a contributor to The Option Method: The Myth of Unhappiness, The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on The Option Method and Attitude and Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions.

In addition to her Option Method work, Wendy also has extensive experience in the financial information sector as an analyst and manager.  In her last position, she was a managing director at a major financial information firm. 

Wendy has a Master's Degree in Consciousness Studies from The Graduate Institute. She holds the designation of Associate Certified Coach from The International Coach Federation. 

Articles by Wendy Dolber

Interview with Wendy Dolber

  • What was Bruce Di Marsico like?

    Like nobody else I ever met. He was brilliant, charismatic, mystical, kind and completely passionate about Option. No matter who he was going through in his life, his message never changed. His greatest desire was to help people to see that they could be free from unhappiness. Bruce was a man who really knew how to love unconditionally. If love can be taught, he was the greatest teacher of them all.

  • Does Option Method work?

    Option is a blessing, a miracle. It is the biggest amazement of my life. You've heard the expression, "the Truth will set you free". That's really what Option Method is all about. And the wonderful thing about it is that no one can ever take that away from you. You can lose your job, your house, you best friend, but you can never lose the truth that you don't have to be unhappy. And if you forget that, you can never lose the ability to use The Option Method.  Having said that, I have to add that there is no such thing as The Option Method working.  What works is each individual using The Option Method to get to the root of their unhappiness.  In my experience, anyone who embraces The Option Method will benefit and often the benefits are far beyond expectations.

  • What about people that never met Bruce Di Marsico? Can they be effective Option Method Teachers?

    Absolutely. Bruce left behind a rich legacy of recorded and written works.  He always said that everything flows from The Option Method attitude. The key thing is to have faith in that and respect for the fact that each person is their own expert.

  • What does love have to do with happiness and The Option Method?

    It has everything to do with it. It all begins with love. Knowing that someone does not have to be unhappy is the greatest love there is. When an unhappy person comes before you, know that they do not have to be unhappy, no matter how convinced they may be. Listen to them. Listen to them with love and acceptance and ask them the questions that they don't ask themselves -- the simple Option Method questions that come from the knowledge that if we are unhappy, it is because of what we are believe, not because of some event.

If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be h…

If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be happy now or can stop being unhappy now, use The Option Method to feel better.

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