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I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!

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The Option Method: The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 3, is the third of a three-volume set subtitled The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on the Option Method and Attitude. Volume 3 addresses myths: the myths that behavior has anything to do with happiness, and myths such as “the meaning of life.” Bruce discusses how we need no reasons to be happy. Bruce was a spiritual person, and in this book he also explains the connection between God and happiness in a way we can all relate to. This volume covers, in detail, how to practice The Option Method to help you or others get more in touch with their happiness. Bruce concludes with contemplations on happiness in the form of stories and meditations. 

Your life as a happy person is the only life you truly want.

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