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The Option Method is a transformational personal growth and development tool that you can learn and use in your life to help yourself and others take the mystery out of unhappiness, appreciate the cause and effect of beliefs, feelings and behavior, and understand what it means to choose your emotions.  As a result, you can achieve your vision of happiness,  embrace your goals, dreams and desires, and live joyfully and fearlessly.


What Is Unhappiness?

Quite simply, feeling any way you don’t like. Therefore, the starting place of The Option Method meets you exactly where you are – in your own language. What is troubling you, bugging you, annoying you? What is affecting your sleep, your relationships, your appetite? What keeps you from being as happy, composed, energetic, positive, as you would like to be? What decisions are weighing on your mind? What conundrums are stumping you? What fear buzzes around your head on a daily basis?

People of all ages and backgrounds come to The Option Method for many reasons, such as:

  • Learning to deal with, and be free from, unhappy feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, loneliness and dread
  • Increasing joy and happiness and developing a solid sense of self
  • Meeting life changes and challenges, such as health issues, divorce, loss of a loved one, retirement, aging from a place of strength and serenity
  • Developing a more positive self-image, free from feelings of shame, unworthiness and doubt
  • Dealing with personal and professional relationships and opening up to new possibilities
  • Finding a firm grounding for a spiritual life
  • Learning to make decisions free from fear and second-guessing
  • Gaining insight and understanding into personal Issues such as insomnia, eating disorders and phobias
  • Creating a stress free approach to career and business issues
The Option Method

How Can One Method Deal With Such A Variety Of Life Issues?

By drilling down effectively and efficiently through your story of what isn’t working to the core of what matters most – the beliefs and emotions you use to motivate yourself. In a sense, The Option Method is a critical thinking booster that, once experienced, brings certainty and clarity and will change the way you think about yourself and the world forever.