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'The Guru Next Door' is a well-written and riveting tale of self-discovery. It weaves a personal story of pain and learning with the greater teachings of master philosopher Bruce Di Marsico, whom the author was lucky enough to know well over many years. I have always loved the Option philosophy, and getting an insider's take on Di Marsico the man, and a fuller understanding of his teachings via someone who benefitted from them directly, was a dynamic combination. I read the book practically straight through and felt like I took a weekend seminar with Wendy and Bruce. [ Valerie Gilbert, NYC , actress, writer, blogger ]

I don't believe a testimony can adequately express the astounding shift that Wendy and The Option Method have had in my life. Nonetheless, I would like to share my story. After a severe mental and emotional collapse in my life, I found myself in the midst of an existential crisis, a place of infinite blackness, aloneness and total despair, with seemingly no way out for far too long. Death had never looked so friendly. I figured I had nothing to lose and gave Option Method a shot. Less than 6 months went by, within which about a day's worth of Option sessions accumulated. I tasted true freedom for this first time. Not as an idea, or a philosophical concept, but a practical experience of being which I could access if I desired to do so. The possibilities in life seem endless now and I feel that despite the tides of fate, I can always take my peace and happiness with me. [ Gabriel B. , Austria ]

If you have ever asked yourself what is the secret of life, or why am I here, or what does this all mean; if you have ever wondered whether there is something more; if you have ever sought eternity or heaven or peace; if you have ever laid on a beach or on the grass at night and stared in awe at the limitless, swirling universe at night; if you have ever sought the true, immortal, timeless nature of who you are; if you have ever sought your soul and your connection to all that is; if you have ever wanted to be truly free, then give yourself and your loved ones the gift of exploring Option Method. [ Ira R. ]

The Teleclass was awesome! Just being virtually surrounded by Happy people and listening to them talk endlessly about their experience of Happiness and their unique view on things allowed me to give myself permission to be happier and be more free!. No dialogues required in this case ;) Thank you all so much! [ Gabriel B. ]

If you have the least bit of unhappiness in your life then make every opportunity to learn from Wendy Dolber and Dr. Frank Mosca. [ Lionel Ketchian , Founder, Happinessclub.com ]

I have tried lots and lots of different techniques and methods that promise some sort of a change, external or internal, and I have to say they all worked, in their own unique way, but no method was as direct as the Option Method. The only reason we want any kind of change is because we believe it will make us happy. The Option Method cuts to the chase: "you don't have to be unhappy if you don't want to". It suggested that I always feel exactly what I believe I should feel. One part of me was so very happy to hear that! But there was another part of me. It refused to think that I wanted to be unhappy at any moment. Well, The Option method had an answer to that: sometimes I believe that I need to be unhappy in order to be happy! Wow! As silly as it sounds that is actually exactly what happens and we can prove it to ourselves through few simple questions. I know I did. At first, the questions sounded kind of silly - are you seriously asking me why I get sad about my problem? But after really, I mean, REALLY asking myself these amazing questions I was able to see "hidden treasures" - the beliefs that were holding my happiness hostage. I learned that sometimes I needed to motivate myself through being unhappy with myself, or sometimes I needed to be sad to show that I care. Well, I also learned that I don't need to be unhappy in order to want something or to show my compassion. I can just want what I want and be happy! I feel like The Option Method gave me a permission to be happy and I fully intend to do just that! Don't delay your happiness for one more moment, try the Method and see for yourself how it can change your whole world.  [ Ekaterina Boga , Sparks, NV, USA ]

I am very grateful for "The Guru Next Door" and the opportunity to learn more about the Option Method and its creator. It inspired me to do all I can to become as happy as Bruce. How different the world would be if we all could allow ourselves to be happy and want what we want, and let unhappiness disappear because there wouldn't be any purpose in it! Thank you, Wendy, for sharing "your Bruce" (the way you knew him) with us! [ Ekaterina Boga , Sparks, NV, USA ]

The Option Method absolutely changed my entire perspective on life and because of that brought to me success in business as well as personal relationships, success that i never imagined was possible before being introduced to The Option Method. It's simple, yet not easy. It's powerful and life-changing, though short and easy to understand. I 100% encourage everyone who is searching for more out of life to study and use The Option Method. You will find the answers you are searching for by using it. [ L.A. Murkin , Marketing and Home Business Expert ]

I cannot adequately express my thanks for the perspective on life and on myself that Wendy Dolber has helped me awaken to during the past few months. Through intent and careful listening, Wendy asks exactly the questions that have helped me see things in a very different light than I have in the past. More and more, I find myself seeing things in a very much more life-affirming and forward-moving way. Best of all, I feel I am gaining some insight into the method and that with time, I will be able to help myself in the same way that Wendy has helped me and will spend less and less time in confused unhappiness and more time experiencing the simplest joys of living. [ Robert H , Oakland, CA ]

I have just come upon the Option Method and love the simplicity of [the] questions. They are true to human nature. [ Sarah S , Jerusalem, Israel ]

I know I will keep using this method probably for a long time to come, if not forever! I am indebted to Bruce as well as you Deborah, for continuing to spread his legacy. It’s sheer GENIUS! [ Jan F , the Netherlands ]

I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool! [ Randy A ]

You likely won’t be surprised to hear that reading [Bruce’s book] was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I go through 30 pages the first night, had intense and ‘insightful’ dreams and awoke to a transformed world. [ Sue K ]

The Option idea is a very powerful one and it has had a strong impact on my life. [ John M ]

I was immediately stunned by the technique. It seems to not only meet all my ‘ideal’ criteria — simple, fast, elegant, respectful, easy, fun, and powerful — but exceeds what I thought was possible . . . and that’s after using it only twice! I remain as dazzled as ever by the simple but extraordinary power and elegance of the questions. [ Vincent O , United Kingdom ]

I was so amazed to learn about this method and how easy it can be to become happy. [ Lutz S , Germany ]

I had so much energy after our talk that I went out for a long walk, processing so much. It felt like such an answer for me that I have been searching for for quite some time now. This morning I felt newly encouraged to do my own dialogue around a struggle I’ve had for a long time with my spiritual journey . . . I was able to get to a whole new place. [ Judy W ]

I recently completed what I thought was going to be another fabulous dialogue. I was right. It was much more though. Have you ever been with someone that was the epitome of unconditional love? If you haven’t, then you ought to do a dialogue with Debbie Mendel. If you have and you want to experience it again, you owe it to yourself to do a dialogue with Debbie. The love and caring I experienced from Debbie was absolutely beautiful. I felt very free and relaxed during the entire dialogue which allowed me to express myself without hesitation. Debbie helped me unravel many beliefs that have been causing a lot of unrest in my life. Thank you Debbie. [ Bob F ]

After my own writings, I turn to Frank Mosca’s works as the best description of the Option Method. [ Bruce Di Marsico , Creator of the Option Method ]

This is a gem for anyone who wants to get free from the illusions that keep us from naturally and effortlessly living a happy life.” Quoted in Ken Keyes’ book Your Road Map to LifeLong Happiness. [ Ken Keyes , Author and Creator of the Living Love Method ]

I enjoyed the content; the workbook was most valuable. I have taken a lot of seminars so far and I definitely enjoyed this one the most. The simplicity of the Option Method: all there is is happiness, the rest is illusion. There are no requirements, no prescriptions. We can all be happy right now, and I am. Now I’m looking forward to being happier and happier and happier. Thank you. [ Lyne St-Louis , Systems Manager ]

I have plenty of opportunities to practice dialog with my massage clients. Since your workshop I feel more comfortable, stuck less often and much more content with whatever happens or doesn’t happen in a session. In short I am happier and freer to do what I love doing. Thanks. [ Joe Graham , Massage Therapist ]

The Option Method has been the ultimate transformative experience in my life. My experience with Bruce Di Marsico changed my life and gave me the tools to get past the jealousies, fears, anxieties and emotional baggage that had kept me in bondage to my unhappiness. I have lived and practiced Option as a therapist for many years and with the death of Bruce, I can honestly say that Frank Mosca is the best that there is and reflects, in my view, the spirit and technique of Bruce most closely. His books and his approach carry on the tradition of Option and give a new generation the opportunity to come to know the truth about their happiness. [ Roedi Reeberg , Option Practitioner ]

The thing I liked most about Frank was that he said I am not the Way, Option is not the Way, but rather here are a set of tools for you to use as you want. So it was about turning over something to me as an active participant in creating my own happiness. I am responsible for myself and I am the authority over myself… [ Christine O , Educator ]

Option has been for me the single most important experience of my life. I have learned that what I dreamed of as a kid but never thought I would have. Option has opened the door to understanding that I really could be happy, that life can really feel like fun and unpredictable and wonderful and isn’t that just so grand to know. I have spent all my life searching in seminars, ashrams, personalities, gurus, workshops and while I have found some things of value those experiences still left me essentially empty. I have met, I think, all the well known teachers in the field of self help over the last fifteen years and I can say unequivocally that Frank Mosca is the dean of all. He has shown me Option, the greatest tool for living, playing around with and enjoying life to the fullest. I came to really understand that I am responsible for myself and if there are beliefs that are in the way of my happiness, that I can change that. I can truly say that I am having fun now. No longer is my life living with so many laborious thoughts about what if this happens and what if that happens. I have been able to put away the notion that there was some answer that would forever elude me but still I was doomed to keep looking forever. I have come to know that there isn’t anything wrong with me and there isn’t anything wrong. There are plenty of things I would like to see changed, there are many things I don’t like and there are a lot of things about me I have wished were different and not occurred and many things right now I would like to make some shifts in. But no longer is my happiness at stake, no longer is my well being at stake. And just that word “happiness” just to try and really put my arms around that to get what it has come to signify for me — which is that it’s good to be alive, it’s good to be me and what a great treat it is to be in this playground called our world. As for Frank’s books, when I finally came to read Joywords and The Unbearable Wrongness of Being there was an absolute sense that I was finally reading the truth of what it really means to be alive. For myself, his books have been the most influential literature that I have come across. There have been such astounding benefits to reading the books, listening to the tapes and working with him personally. It has come to be that I have really stopped looking for the teacher, or the guru, or the someone else out there to find the answers. My happiness is always mine and I alone am the one who can affirm it for myself. [ Guy Kuperman , Therapist, Program Director ]

One of the most powerful and transformative methods I have learned is The Option Method, created by Bruce Di Marsico. His work is very thought-provoking and mind-expanding. I urge you to read his little known classics. [ Dr. Joe Vitale , Author, Attract Money Now ]

The Option Method, created by Bruce Di Marsico, has been one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life. By collecting Bruce’s transcripts and writings in this comprehensive and life-changing three-volume set, Deborah Mendel and Aryeh Nielsen have now made that gift (and the gift of happiness that’s contained inside) available to all. Highly recommended for anyone looking to not just understand happiness but also to experience it more and more of the time. [ Michael Neill , Author, Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life ]

True Happiness is not the happiness that is sought but the Happiness that already exists.

[ Bruce Di Marsico ]