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Belief Centered Coaching combines coaching and Option Method principles and practices to create a powerful opportunity for change. All sessions are conducted by Wendy Dolber, MA, ACC.

Wendy will work with you on your identified roadblocks to success to harness the power of your innate creativity, skills and knowledge. It is a collaborative, goal-oriented, transformative process designed to untangle challenges to the achievement of your personal and professional goals:

  • Belief centered coaching sessions are designed to help you:
  • Take the mystery out of who you are and what motivates you. Understanding what makes you tick is the first step to harnessing your own “individual Go-machine”. We will work together to remove self-annihilating beliefs that sap your power, obfuscate your view & impede your momentum.
  • Take the most direct route to your goals by breaking down self-created obstacles. Dismantling your obstacle course will tap into the fuel that is your greatest motivation – your happineness.
  • Bring passion and energy to your dreams and desires.Once your path is clear and you know how to move ahead, we use your newfound knowledge to achieve your goals. We will work together to clear out routines that sap your energy and reduce your momentum, to bring focus & power to everything you do.


In your work with Wendy, you will find that through her laser listening, powerful questions, creative coaching tools and non-judgmental, compassionate attitude, your core beliefs will naturally arise. You’ll learn how to distinquish between beliefs that serve you or hold you back and how to move forward in a way that serves you the best.


Ultimately, you will learn invaluable tools so that, on your own, you can simplify your thought patterns, lasso your motivation and infuse new energy and passion into your life.


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