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Option Method Master Teacher
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Wendy Dolber is the founder and Director of Dialogues in Self Discovery Center for The Option Method..  She is an Option Master Master Teacher, workshop leader, Belief Centered Coach, yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. Wendy has been an Option Method teacher for over forty years.  She met Bruce Di Marsico in 1971 at a New York City training institute for group therapy techniques. After completing the program, she went on to study with Bruce. It was the start of a relationship that was to last over twenty-five years, until his death in 1995. As a result of their extensive association, Wendy has an in-depth understanding of The Method and the man who created it.


She is the author of The Guru Next Door, A Teacher’s Legacy, as well as a contributor to The Option Method: The Myth of Unhappiness, The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on The Option Method and Attitude and Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions.In addition to her Option  Method and coaching work, Wendy also has extensive experience in the financial information sector as an analyst and manager.  In her last position, she was a managing director at a major financial information firm.


Wendy has a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies from The Graduate Institute. She holds the designation of Associate Certified Coach from The International Coaching Federation and the 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher designation from The Yoga Alliance.

Option Method Master Teacher
Location: Locke, California
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Deborah Mendel is co-director of the Center. Deborah met her late husband Bruce Di Marsico when she was just beginning her studies as fine arts major at Morris County Community College in Dover, New Jersey. Falling in love with Bruce, she left her artistic pursuits to begin a new personal life with him and to immerse herself in the study of The Option Method as one of his original students.


Deborah has been involved in Option Method for over forty years, working with her husband during his lifetime, then continuing his legacy since his death in 1995.  Deborah’s unique grasp and understanding of The Option Method affords us all a special opportunity to benefit from her intimate experience with Bruce and his teachings.

Since Bruce’s death, Deborah has worked to further Option Method teachings and disseminate Bruce’s writings and lectures.  As a result of her efforts, students and teachers of The Option Method can read and hear Bruce’s words first-hand at, an archival site for Bruce Di Marsico’s writings and lectures.


She continues to work on producing books and CDs,  most recently a three-volume compilation of Bruce Di Marsico’s teachings, The Option Method: The Myth of Unhappiness.  The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on The Option Method and Attitude.