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Option has been for me the single most important experience of my life. I have learned that what I dreamed of as a kid but never thought I would have.…

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  • Q. How do I schedule an O.M.Dialogue?

    A. To schedule a dialogue online, go to the About page and click on Our Staff. Select which teacher you would like to work with (or if you don't know, just select Wendy Dolber). You can click on the message box to send an email, or go to the next page and click Make an Appointment . Someone will get back to you shortly. To make payment, go to the Program page and click Payment and Pricing Options. You can also just make payment and someone will get back to you about scheduling. To schedule a dialogue by phone, call Wendy Dolber directly or 973-714-2800, or use our toll-free number 888-912-0065.

  • Q. I can’t afford to pay for dialogues. Is there any way you could work with me?

    A. We are currently offering a complimentary dialogue to people who "like" our Facebook page and get 9 others to "like" it as well. Alternatively, if you are willing to allow us to record your dialogue and use it as a teaching tool on our site, we offer one complimentary dialogue. We offer complimentary dialogues under our Pay It Forward Program. In addition, there are volunteer opportunities available from time to time as well. Please contact Wendy Dolber to find out more.

  • Q. Must I go through the ExploreOption phase of the training, or can I just launch into the ExperienceOption phase?

    A. We planned the programs in the order that they are to enable the most effective teaching of The Method. So we recommend that you take advantage of an ExploreOption workshop or teleclass first to lay the groundwork for O.M.Dialogues. We offer them in various formats to make them as accessible as possible. For example, you can listen in to a free one-hour Get Started teleclass to get an brief overview of The Method and our programs. You can opt for a weekend workshop online or in person or catch one of our day-long workshops. Prerequisities are meant to enhance your experience of our training and are only required for individuals working toward membership in The Center's Option Method Teacher Registry. If you want to launch into O.M.Dialogues and haven’t had the chance to take an Explore workshop, we would be happy to work with you. All ExploreOption events will be repeated several times a year.

  • Q. When can I enter the Embrace phase?

    A. Generally, individuals are welcome to move on the Embrace phase after completing the Explore and Experience phase. See Programs for prerequisites. 

  • Q. At what point can I apply for the membership in the Option Method Teacher Registry?

    A. Once you have completed an ExploreOption workshop and met the requirements of the O.M. Practicum for Self Discovery, you can apply for the next level of training leading to membership in The Registry. Approval of your Master Teacher is required. 

  • Q. How long will it take to become an Option Method Teacher and part of The Option Method Teacher Registry? Can the program be expedited in any way?

    A. As we have laid it out, the program would take 1 to 1-1/2 years to complete, not including the required O.M.Dialogues that you would do with your own clients. The program could be collapsed if you and your Master Teacher feel that you need less than the recommended O.M.Dialogues and Reviews, or if they could be done more frequently than once per week. The program could also be expanded if your Master Teacher recommends that more O.M.Dialogues and O.M.Dialogue Reviews are called for.

  • Q. Why would more O.M.Dialogues and O.M.Dialogue Reviews be called for?

    A. If at the end of a cycle you cannot successfully complete an O.M.Dialogue with yourself or others, if you do not comprehend and exhibit The Option Method attitude, if you do not understand the underpinnings of The Method – might all be reasons to add on additional O.M.Dialogues and Reviews.

  • Q. Is it possible for someone to go through the program, meet all the requirements and not become an Option Method Teacher with Registry membership?

    A. It is possible. You can only become part of our Registry upon successful completion of all the training and approval by the Teacher Registry Approval Committee. This means that you demonstrate knowledge of The Option Method and competency in The O.M.Dialogue as taught at The Center. However, all along the way, you will receive feedback and evaluations so you know what areas need to be focused upon.

  • Q. How much does it cost to complete the training and requirements for membership in The Option Method Teacher Registry?

    A. Requirements for the Option Method Teacher Registry are shown on the Program page, as well as the pricing options. We have designed payment options that allow you to go at your own pace and pay as you go, or pay up front for savings of 20% to 30% on services. Depending on which payment option you choose, we estimate the total cost for 2011-12 to be approximately $8200 to $10,000, not including the cost of room and board at seminars, materials and Registry membership fees.

  • Q. If I don’t wish to be listed in the Registry but I have completed the training, can I still teach The Option Method?

    A. Yes, as long as you do not use any of our copyrighted material without permission, or represent that you are a graduate of our program. You can certainly represent the training that you have had.

  • Q. If I don’t wish to be listed in the Registry but I have completed the training, can I still teach The Option Method?

    A. Yes, as long as you do not use any of our copyrighted material without permission, or represent that you are a graduate of our program. You can certainly represent the training that you have had.

  • Q. I have been practicing Option Method for years. If I want to become a member of The Registry, can I get credit from you for that?

    A. If that is the case, you would most likely be able to move through the program quickly. The program is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate experienced Option Method professionals. 

  • Q. I am not interested in learning or teaching The Option Method. I only want to sign up for dialogues. Is that possible?

    A. Yes, we offer O.M.Dialogues under the FreeStyle program, which allows you to take advantage of any of our services according to your own needs.

  • Q. Why do you use the term Option Method Teacher as opposed to Practitioner or Therapist?

    A. Our goal is to empower others to learn The Method and use it for themselves and others. The core of The Option Method is embracing your choice to be happy or unhappy. The Method provides a structure for realizing that choice in every instance where you are not feeling or being the way you’d love to feel or be. We don’t want to create confusion or misunderstanding by labeling ourselves as therapists or any other mental health practitioner. We teach Option Method to those who want to be happy and help others to be happy. That is our only goal and expertise. Option Method Teachers are not licensed mental health practitioners.

  • Q. Why don't you offer certification?

    A. We thought long and hard about certification and are basically uncomfortable with the idea of certification when it comes to The Option Method. Our goal in offering The Option Method Teacher Registry is to let the public know that an individual has gone through the training and been accepted by The Center’s Teacher Registry Approval Committee upon completion of the program and on an annual basis. In our opinion, certification misplaces the responsibility that each person has to practice and teach The Option Method as intended. That responsibility must belong to the teacher. 


Unhappiness is the belief in the wrongness of being.

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