How to expand your consciousness without even trying

How to expand your consciousness without even tryingWhen I think about expanding consciousness, which has been our focus for this month, I realize it’s a wide open multi-leveled subject that can mean many different things. My focus, as always, has been on happiness. What’s the point of expanding consciousness if it doesn’t result in more happiness and less emotional suffering?  In my experience, as we deal with our unhappiness in all its forms and let go of the clockwork mechanism of unhappy thinking, our minds are free to roam the universe.

Happiness is an experience of the expansion and evolution of consciousness and that is completely within the realm of what we humans are capable of. We don’t need special credentials or any permission. Within each of us are the makings of that mystic, that sage, that empath, that realized being, that guru, that enlightened being residing right alongside the makings of that person who gets pissed off at their children, overwhelmed with work, awakening in sadness, constricted with fear, doubled over with psychic pain. How can that be? We all have the capacity of choosing to reside in pain and unhappiness or let it go. And what will we become when we let go? The fear is that we will repel into an abyss of nothingness. We won’t even know who we are. But what if, who we are, if left alone by fear, anxiety, embarrassment, anger, etc, etc., is that light-filled being fueled by and reflected in, every other light-filled being?

That is what our 21 day Consciousness Expanding Experience has been about this month. We are two weeks into it now, so if you’ve missed our posts, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Look for the picture shown here. If you’d like the entire 21 day post list, I’d be happy to send it. Just email me at [email protected].

If you are excited by this, try an Option Method dialogue, designed to help people make that transition from unhappiness to happiness, the ultimate consciousness expander.

To your happiness!

Wendy Dolber